Sustainability Policy

KonTour Travel is an incoming tourism agency which aims for the development of sustainable tourism through the respect, preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage; the protection of the environment and the economic development of the region supporting itself in the offer of quality tourism. Understanding quality as the way of offering our tourist services, improving the customer’s satisfaction. This satisfaction is the key in our business policy.

Our specialized team searches innovation in its products through tailor made experiences for each traveller, a high level of quality and flexibility in the itineraries according to the destinations when planning the trip, which allows us maximizing the experiences in Colombia. Our portfolio offers leisure as well as MICE tourism.
According to the principle of sustainability, sustainable tourism must be environmentally friendly as well as eco-friendly. It must be accepted social, cultural and economically. Because of all this mentioned beforehand, we look for preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of the different traditions in our products. We likewise encourage the mutual cultural exchange between our customers and the Colombians without causing any negative impact in the traditions of any of them.

In addition to this, we commit ourselves to set an example of the accurate use of the natural resources that our work demands. Thus, we give preference to the suppliers that execute sustainability policies as well as to include goods and services sustainable friendly in their portfolio.

Regarding the local communities, we commit to encourage and to create the necessary tools in order to stimulate the long term relationships of loyalty with our stakeholders. These relationships will be supported in fair and legal contracts between all the involved, looking for equity as well as equality.