Sustainability Policy. Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

KonTour Travel is an incoming travel agency which is specialized in authentic and tailor-made tours througout Colombia. It promotes the sustainability in tourism as well as the respect and protection of the cultural and natural heritage, through the fair economic development and exceeding the traveller’s expectations.
We are a specialized team which is always in the search of the improvement and development of our products.

Our Projects

We are part of the Colombian Primatology Association which protects the churuco monkey from extinction. Likewise, we are founding- partners in ACOTUR (Colombian Association of Responsible Tourism), which has generated more than 1080 jobs in Colombia and has benefit 4100 families.
Also, we are volunteers in the Father Pio project, in which we help elderly people who lives in a less developed area of Bogota.

Internal Sustainability

  • We have recycling programmes in agreement with the regulation of our district
  • Adaptation of efficient use of water and energy programmes, which are being recorded
  • Implementation of programmes of stationary efficient use where we prioritize the use of e-mails and we minimise the use of printed material
  • Development of on-going staff training programmes

Our Philosophy

  • We reject sexual exploitation and other forms of child abuse in accordance with the Colombian laws 679 of 2001 and 1336 of 2009
  • We promote the protection of flora and fauna; therefore, we apply the Colombian law 17 of 1981 against species trafficking
  • We protect the cultural heritage, that is why we implement all described in the Colombian laws 103 of 1991, 397 of 1997 and 1185 of 2008, which aim to identify, to protect and to preserve the Colombian Tangible and Intangible heritage

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