Archaeology & History

The most famous destinations in the south of Colombia are San Agustín and Popayán. If you are interested in archeology and history you should not let out these places on your Colombia trip!

The region around San Agustín is famous for its unique archaeological findings and is an approved UNESCO world cultural heritage since 1995. Surrounded by the green hills of the Andes more than 300 statues were found since the 1970s and they are still leaving us with a lot of questions. The up to seven-metre-high statues made of volcano stone are 2000 years old, some may even be older. Until today we don´t know much about the culture which was named after the site of the discovery, the San Agustín culture. Most of the statues leave you speechless and it is up to your own fanatsy what they are showing. A God, a warrior or another mystic creature?

From San Agustín it is a good option to cross the Puracé national park to reach Popayán. Famous for the annual, gigantic Easter procession Popayán is a wonderful colonial town. On account of a plague all house facades were painted white in the past. During a walk through the city you will see that they still continue with their tradition.

From Popayán it is not far to the village Silvia. Here the indigenous from the surrounding mountain villages sell their products at the market. Spend one day with the Guambianos and experience an unforgettable intercultural meeting!