Sustainable Tourism in Colombia

KonTour Travel promotes and puts to practice sustainable tourism in Colombia.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Tourism in Colombia

  • We compensate CO2 emissions generated within Colombia of tours operated by us through myclimate.
  • We are certified by Tourcert as a company committed to sustainable tourism.
  • We are founding partners in ACOTUR (Colombian Association of Responsible Tourism), with now more than 130 member companies.
  • Also, we are volunteers in the Father Pio project, in which we help elderly people who lives in a poor neighbourhood of Bogota.

Our Commitment to Internal Sustainability

  • In our office we have recycling programmes in place according to all relevant local government’s regulations.
  • We have implemented efficient use of water and energy in our office and are tracking it.
  • We minimise the use of printed material in our marketing activities and avoid printing in our office wherevere possible.
  • Our team regularly participates in training programmes.

Our Commitment to Colombian Regulations

  • We reject sexual exploitation and other forms of child abuse in accordance with the Colombian laws 679 of 2001 and 1336 of 2009.
  • We promote the protection of flora and fauna; therefore, we apply the Colombian law 17 of 1981 against animal and plant trafficking.
  • We protect the cultural heritage, that is why we implement all described in the Colombian laws 103 of 1991, 397 of 1997 and 1185 of 2008, which aim to identify, to protect and to preserve the Colombian tangible and intangible heritage

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