Antioquia – Another way to begin a trip through Colombia is starting in Medellin

Green Antioquia – Looking over the Cauca River from Tamesis in the south of Medellin

Many typical itineraries through Colombia start in Bogotá. We suggest to think about Medellín as an alternative start for a trip through Colombia. Medellín is a lively and beautiful city, has a milder climate than Bogotá and is located at a lower altitude above sea level than Bogotá, making acclimatisation easier. Flight connections to Medellín are good.

After exploring Medellín you have a variety of options. One is to focus on Antioquia and take your time exploring the surroundings of Medellín. You get to know small and colorful villages, coffee and cocoa farms and many options to hike and enjoy nature. Click here to see a sample itinerary around Medellín. Or you drive from Medellín to Bogotá, crossing the Andes and the Valley of the Río Magdalena. On the way get to know the coffee zone and the famous wax palms. Click here to look at this itinerary. Both itineraries can be done as selfdrive tour or with private driver.