KonTour Team

Georg Rubin


Founder and Director of KonTour Travel

Travelling has always been one of my passions and it led to the founding of KonTour Travel. I grew up in Colombia raised by Swiss/German parents and thus combine a Colombian heart with Swiss heritage to ensure we offer unique Colombian experiences that run like clockwork. Understanding European’s expectations and knowing what can be really be done in Colombia allows me to design a product portfolio tailored to the discerning traveller. This approach is key to our success: know whom to sell, know what you sell and sell what you know. And since I still love to travel and explore I’m always on the lookout for new experiences. So drop me a mail if you’d like to know about really off the beaten track tours in Colombia.

Claudia Canchón

Inbound Tourism Director

Working in tourism has given me the opportunity to realize that Colombia it is a very complete and attractive destination: the history of Cartagena, the colonial architecture of Barichara and Villa de Leyva, the archaeological wealth of San Agustín, the contact with the nature and communities in the Amazon region, to name just a few of the many activities to be undertaken and places to visit. In addition to this, we have the human warmth of its people and the quality of service that has positively been surpassed in a relatively new industry.
I love to ensure that the wishes and expectations of the clients are met and even exceeded, as well as communicate with different people from different backgrounds, who allow you to learn from other cultures and improve professional skills with limiting situations that puts you to the test, so there is always room for innovation.

Lisa Ahmann

Travel Consultant

I came for the first time to South America for an internship in Chile. While travelling around this beautiful country I was fascinated by its beauty. A few years later, I came back to South America while I was still doing my Tourism Speciality; I was engaged as an exchange student at a Colombian university for two semesters in Bogotá. I got to know this country and its people through my curiosity and love for travelling, always looking for my own adventure off the beaten track. At the end of my first stay in Colombia, I was in the airport and I already knew that I would come back soon. Currently I am living in Bogotá and want to help you with your personalised travel package full of unforgettable experiences.

Ingrid Dobler

European Sales

Born and raised in Colombia I had the chance to live its beauty from childhood on. Thanks to extensive journeys I learned much about the country and could marvel at its incredible variety of landscapes, flora and fauna. The joyful and hearty Colombians do the rest to confirm my fondness for this country.

With my bicultural roots and a degree in sociology and intercultural communication I am fond of bringing together people from diffrent cultures and thereby hopefully share the passion for this wonderful and exotic country.

Michael Weidemann

Travel Consultant

From childhood on, I could not manage without at least one travel per year. Since my year of social work that I experienced in 2005 with street children and urban indigenous communities, the fascination of Colombia did not let go of me. After my studies in regional science, I immediately returned to the land of opposites and magical realism with my Colombian wife. Having spent the last 6 years working with farmers, indigenous communities in the Amazonas region and political work in Bogotá, the perspective to show visitors the diversity of this country attracted me.

Now I am looking forward to new perspectives, new friendships and the opportunity to accompany this country in its development towards a lasting peace.

Katerinne Maldonado


As a proud Colombian Woman from the Llanos, “aquel embrujo verde donde el azul del cielo se confundo con su suelo” (saying from the Llanos), it is a honor for me to present you my country that is worldwide the number one in diversity of bird species. Colombia is the country of joyfulness, flowers and coffee. From the deserts with imposing dunes to the virgin forests with mostly unknown fauna, from deep-blue seas to sow-covered peeks, from the cold Cordilleras to the canyons; this country opens its doors for you to enjoy it. As a tourist you will be charmed by the beauty of the places.

I am graduated in public accountant, from the university San Franciso de Paula Santander, and 4 years ago I came to Bogotá for job opportunities and with Kontour I got the opportunity to know my country better.