Yanacona – Community based tourism

Yanacona – Community based tourism

KonTour Travel participated in an initiative from Procolombia to promote community based projects and as a result the Yanacona community will be added to the Meaningful Map from Tourism Cares

The ethnic groups of Nasa and Yanacona live in the departments of Huila and Cauca in Colombia’s South. Since 11 years they are promoting the idea of sharing their ancestral knowledge with tourists in native territories. 

Click here for the description of four day visit to the community and have a look at our video!

This is not only an excellent way to preserve their culture but also to be known and benefit from tourism. More than 50 people get part of their income as a direct result involving local businesses like the coffee farm, the mill,  handicrafts and accommodation. 

Christian Papamija, manager of the organization, states that it has been a totally positive impact, because opening the community to other cultures outside the native community means opening their vision and their mind that in many cases have had little or no contact with the rest of the world. 

“The cultural exchange leads us to have a stronger sense of belonging to our land, as we strive not to lose our roots and that they remain alive for the knowledge of future generations.”

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