Christmas in Colombia

Christmas in Colombia

Probably you are as excited as we are because it is almost our favourite time of the year again: Christmas!! But: different country, different traditions.

Officially Christmas season starts at the 7th of December with the “Día de las velitas” (Day of the little candles). All over the country people lite up thousands of candles and lanterns, decorate houses and offices, even fireworks are part of it in the bigger cities. Our country looks like an ocean of lights and it is extremely beautiful.

Then, another important date is the 16th. At this day starts what is called Novena. People meet up with family, friends and neighbours at a different house every night for the coming nine days, until Christmas. They reunite for prayers, singing and, of course, delicious food, in honour for the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph and Baby Jesus, who were seeking for shelter each night.

The main celebration takes place the 24th with a huge meal, often including Tamales (filled and cooked plantain leaves), Lechona (pork stuffed with rice and peas), Natillas (sweet dessert made out of milk, butter, panela, cinnamon), Buñuelos (fried dough balls) and many more delicious dishes.

And who brings the presents to Colombia? It is not Santa Claus, but Baby Jesus. So better re-address your letter of wishes if your planning to be in Colombia during Christmas 😉