Destination of the month – Mysterious San Agustín

Destination of the month – Mysterious San Agustín

You are interested in history and culture? You love nature and a nice, laid-back atmosphere? Then you should not miss visiting San Agustín.

As you are always reading our newsletter carefully, you probably already know, that there are 9 UNESCO world heritage sites in Colombia. One of them is the Archeological Park of San Agustín. Around the region of San Agustín there were found stone sculptures, up to 7 meters high, older than 2000 years. And that’s almost everything we know about them. Until today, scientists are trying to find out more about the so-called San Agustín culture.

In the archaeological park the main sights are “the forest of statues” and the museum, but also in the surroundings of the small town, you can find the sculptures at several places. One of them is La Pelota where you can find the only three coloured statues. How could the colour last for more than 2000 years? At an amazing viewpoint over the Magdalena river, La Chaquira, there is a large face carved onto a boulder, overlooking the river.

At each of the mysterious statues you can spend a long time wondering if it’s a human being, an animal or another mystical creature and whether it‘s threatening or reassuring.

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