Destination of the Month – Southwest Antioquia

Destination of the Month – Southwest Antioquia

Colorful main squares, the smell of coffee, surrounded by mountains… I am not talking about the Coffee Zone. Southwest from Medellín, there are some very picturesque villages that might go unnoticed when planning a Colombia itinerary.

Take Jardín, Jérico, Támesis and Fredonia. These villages are great for a stop-over between Medellín and the Coffee Zone, but we can also consider them as an alternative to the Coffee Zone. There is a good touristic infrastructure and nice things to do, but the region is less crowded.

The villages are charming and you can dip into the paisa culture.
Try some of their traditional meals like the “Bandeja Paisa” which is known for
its huge amount and variety of food. We also recommend to visit Don Octavio and
his family on their coffee farm and learn everything about coffee. 

See the Hacienda La Sierra, this month’s featured hotel, if you’re
planning to stay overnight!

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