Food in Colombia – Tamales

Food in Colombia – Tamales

Food in Colombia is as diverse as the country itself. Depending on the region and the season it can vary a lot. You will be overwhelmed by the amount and quality of fresh fruits even if you probably don’t know many of them. One thing is sure: you won´t leave Colombia hungry.

With this newsletter we are starting a series about Colombian food. The first story is about Tamales. This meal based on corn dough and it is wrapped and steamed in banana leaves and its filling depends on the region. It´s a meal for the whole family which they often enjoy all together during the weekend, especially on Sunday. In the region of Antioquia the Tamales is a traditional dish for Christmas and New Year.

In Bogotá you can find many places where the Tamales are served for breakfast with a hot chocolate and a small bread or arepa. One special place for Tamales is the market of Paloquemao. Also the small restaurants on top of Monserrate are offering this delicious meal.

So as you see Tamales are a big part of the colombian cuisine which you should not miss during a trip to Colombia!

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