Live from Colombia

Live From Colombia, is a series of interactive classes with some of Colombia’s top chefs, professional baristas, sommeliers, fascinating historians, award-winning mixologists, and passionate wildlife photographers.

This is a non-profit initiative to support our amazing partners who go above and beyond to make every client’s experience extra special. 

Unfortunately in Colombia there is a major lack of government support, so these classes will be a big help for our partners to maintain their families, businesses and/or employees. 

The profits will go entirely to our partners and to Mucho, a local initiative that buys produce from local farmers who are not able to sell at local markets, and gives them to families who have lost their source of income due to the pandemic. $15 USD is equivalent to approximately $60,000 Colombian pesos, which is enough to feed a family of four during two weeks. 

We are who we are thanks to our partners, and the only way to come back stronger is to come back together!  Please share with friends, family and clients who would enjoy a bit of Colombia! This is an unbranded initiative but special thanks to the team from Galavanta to set this up!

If the dates and times don’t work out, message us to organise a private session.


Alejandro Ramírez – Chef & Owner of María and DonJuan Restaurants
Thursday, May 7 • 1 Hour • 12:00 PM New York / 5:00 PM London • Price $20 USD / Household

Learn professional cooking techniques alongside Alejandro Ramírez, chef and owner at María and DonJuan, two of Cartagena’s top restaurants. With his ample knowledge of Caribbean cuisine and experience training with top chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Martin Berasategui, Alejandro is the perfect teacher to help you take basic ingredients and turn them into a fine dining experience. What’s on the menu? Ceviche and a delicious white fresh fish with chorizo and applesauce with braised leeks.  Upon payment you will receive a list of ingredients, utensils and prep-work to be ready for the class!


Felipe Pinzón – Manager of Libertario Café
Tuesday, May 12 • 1 Hour • 10:00 AM New York / 3:00 PM London • Price $15 USD / Household

Step up your brewing skills with Libertario, coffee growers and roasters behind some of the most exquisite –and expensive– Colombian coffees. Learn what makes specialty coffee stand out from your average coffee bean, and how the origins, processing methods, varietals and environmental practices can influence the flavor and aromas of coffee. Learn the basic principles of coffee brewing and tasting, and get acquainted with Libertario’s rock star barista’s techniques. Top it off with a hands-on experience, learning to make the perfect cup of joe – Libertario style! Upon payment you will receive a list of ingredients and utensils to be ready for the class!


Fernando Rivera – Historian & Expert/Guide
Wednesday, May 13 • 1 Hour • 11:00 AM New York / 4:00 PM London • Price: $ 15 USD / Household

Discover 500 years worth of fascinating stories about the colonisation, conquests, military strategy and fortifications of Cartagena and Colombia’s Caribbean Coast. Have historian Fernando Rivera guide you through this journey with impeccable storytelling skills, honed over 15 years of specialising in the development of Colombia and Cartagena from pre-Hispanic times to the present day. Sit back with your favourite drink, and join Fernando as he takes you on a deep dive of what makes Cartagena ‘La Heroica’ so magical.


Noah Matthies – Bar Manager of El Baron
Thursday, May 14 • 1 Hour + 15 min of cocktail prep
12:00 PM New York / 5:00 PM London • Price: $ 15 USD / Household

Learn about the ancient origins of sugar cane and rum, and the history of this liquor in the Caribbean and in Colombia with Noah, award-winning mixologist and bar manager at El Baron –one of Cartagena’s top spots. 

See a live demonstration of the distillation process, dust off your rum bottles to learn how to taste and appreciate premium rum. Finish off preparing a Pirate Punch cocktail step-by-step, then sit back and enjoy the rest of the afternoon!  Upon confirmation you will receive a list of ingredients and utensils for the class!


Oscar Marulanda – Professional sommelier
Tuesday, May 19 • 1 Hour  • 11:00 AM New York / 4:00 PM London • Price: $ 15 USD / Household

Learn to recognise quality chocolate through taste, smell, sight and touch with the expert guidance of Oscar, a sommelier with 14 years of experience in the hospitality industry and in-depth studies of chocolate, wine, and coffee. Savour the difference between fine aroma cacao and a standard chocolate bar, while understanding Colombia’s chocolate production and how it compares to the rest of the world. Add a new layer of sophistication to this delicious treat!


Jaime & Sebastian – Chefs & Owners of Celele Restaurant
Wednesday, May 20 • 1 Hour  • 12:00 PM New York / 5:00 PM London • Price: $ 20 USD / Household

Take a deep dive into the world of Colombian Caribbean Cuisine with Jaime and Sebastian, owners of the restaurant Celele in Cartagena and winners of the Miele One To Watch award by Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants. Understand the diverse European, African, Indigenous and Middle Eastern influences that make up this delicious and colorful cuisine, and put it into practice preparing a special dish under their expert guidance.


Daniel Restrepo – Head guide of Corocora Camp
Thursday, May 21 • 1 Hour  • 11:00 AM New York / 4:00 PM London • Price: $15 USD / Household

Learn about the essentials of wildlife photography with one of the members of the Corocora Camp Family – Daniel, our head guide. Daniel is a wildlife veterinarian passionate about photography; he’s trained with photographers from National Geographic and has been published in books about Colombia’s national parks and Antioquia’s ornithology society. Pick up important tips on how to find the species or ecosystem you’d like to photograph, as well as all the technical advice you need on what camera, lenses, and accessories to bring. Prepare to take the best pictures ever with the advice of a wildlife and photography expert!


Esmeralda Osorio – Dance instructor
Tuesday, May 26 • 1 Hour  • 11:00 AM New York / 4:00 PM London • Price $15 USD / Household

Break out your dancing shoes and cut a rug with Esmeralda, a wonderful teacher with experience in a wide range of local dance styles including Salsa, Cumbia and Champeta. Learn the essential steps and enjoy every song in this dynamic lesson, where your body will become another way to express yourself. Get ready to wow yourself and everyone else when you hit the dance floor!


Angelina Guerrero – Art curator and managing director at Espacio KB
Thursday, May 28 • 1 Hour  • 10:00 AM New York / 3:00 PM London • Price $15 USD / Household

Explore the work and stories behind 90 years’ worth of art with Angelina Guerrero, managing director at Espacio KB and master of Museology and Cultural Heritage. Begin by understanding the role of women and modern art, then be guided through the transition of modern art into contemporary art for Colombian artists, and wrap up the session with an exploration of Doris Salcedo’s work about the Colombian peace agreement.

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