Active Colombia

Climate and landscapes in Colombia could not be more diverse. As a result there a lot of different activities to do in our country. One special activity is hiking. From treks for a couple of hours to multiday treks – everything is possible. 

Multidaytreks can be best done in the region of the central Andes mountains. The landscapes are reaching from coffee zone, to the unique paramo between 3.000 m and 4.500 m and snow-covered volcano peaks.  Another really special experience is the multiday trek to the Lost City in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.

Also famous for nice hikes is the region of San Agustín. The archaeological discoveries close to the Río Magdalena are the perfect destination for a hike through an amazing landscape. You can also ride on horse back through the green mountains. And if you prefer shorter day hikes with a “basecamp” in a nice hotel, Villa de Leyva, Barichara or Fredonia are excellent places to enjoy some walking. 

Another activity that recently became more popular is biking. Not only at the Ciclovia on sundays in Bogotá, but through the whole country there are routes perfect to ride your bike.

If you are interested in adventure sports like canyoning or rafting, your place to be is definitly San Gil. Known as the capital of extreme sports it has to offer a lot for those who are seeking for adrenaline.

Really good examples for active modules in Colombia are Hiking in the Andes – From Manizales to Salento or Embrace of the Serpent – Cerros de Mavecure.